Numeracy in the UK and the Importance of Maths Teachers

Susan Okereke

11:45-12:45, Friday 1 July

Plenary description

Every student should leave school competent and confident in everyday maths but sadly, this is not the case for many students in the UK.

In this talk Susan will explore the often unspoken issue of poor numeracy in the UK, particularly amongst adults and she will look at the impact this has on our children, our economy and society as a whole.

This talk will highlight the crucial role maths teachers play in improving this situation and in making the world a fairer place. Susan will share some ideas on how to support people (children and adults) to enjoy and feel more confident doing maths but the main aim of this talk is to encourage discussion, ideas, sharing and collaboration.

About the speaker

Susan Okereke is a maths teacher and communicator, who passionately believes that numeracy is an essential basic skill (like reading and writing) that everyone should be confident at. She challenges negative views of maths by creating and delivering maths content in a way that is accessible, memorable and confidence building.

While teaching maths in a London secondary school, she also facilitates professional development for teachers for the London South East Plus Maths Hubs, co-hosts the Maths Appeal Podcast with Bobby Seagull, and she regularly presents at various maths events and projects for students, teachers and the general public.

Susan is on a mission to show that maths is everywhere and for everyone!

Follow her work at and on Twitter @DoTheMathsThing