Exploring how graphing technology deepens students’ understanding of statistical testing & confidence intervals using the normal, binomial, t and chi-squared distributions

James Davis

15:00-16:00, Thursday 30 June

Session description

Graphing technology can bring many A-level and Further Maths topics alive. Delegates will have the opportunity to explore numerical and graphical representations of statistical testing using a graphing calculator at this level. We will explore different learning approaches for understanding tests using these distributions, constructing confidence intervals and representing results graphically. The session will appeal to teachers who wish to deepen student understanding and confidence of this topic, and those seeking efficient methods of computation and representation.

This session is designed for A level Further Mathematics and Statistics teachers but A-level Mathematics teachers will also find the session beneficial.

Interests: A level Mathematics / Further MathematicsUse of technology in teaching maths

About James Davis

James Davis has been teaching Mathematics for over 26 years. He started teaching in Botswana and has since taught across the spectrum of UK schools; both comprehensive, private and grammar schools. He has many years experience as a teacher, head of mathematics and senior leader in these schools. He currently works in leadership in one of the top grammar schools in the UK. The majority of his teaching has been of A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. As part of the MEI-CASIO program he has delivered training on using the graphical calculator for A level and GCSE and has presented at the MEI conference for many years. He enjoys long distance cycling, mountain biking, hill-walking, running and orienteering and is married with two teenage sons.