Beyond Sliders: Getting the most out of GeoGebra

Michael Gibson

13:45-14:45, Thursday 30 June

Session description

Sliders are a well-known and easy-to-use tool in GeoGebra and similar dynamic geometry and graphing packages. With a little more work "under the bonnet", the concept of sliders can be developed to allow a much more direct connection between the user and the mathematical objects that they are manipulating. In this session, Michael will showcase some examples covering a range of curriculum areas, and lead a discussion on how these could be incorporated meaningfully into lessons. He will also aim to teach you some "new tricks", depending on your current level of experience with GeoGebra. These include working with multiple graphics windows and a gentle introduction to the power of scripting.

This session is suitable for anybody wishing to increase or develop the role that dynamic graphical technology plays within their classroom, or who wishes to develop their skills at using GeoGebra.

Please bring a device with you on which you can access GeoGebra.

Interests: Use of technology in teaching maths

About Michael Gibson

Former physicist who became a teacher in 2008. In recent years Michael has done increasing amounts work with the AMSP and is now an Area Coordinator in the North East. He also worked as an assistant on the TAM course. Michael still does a small amount of classroom teaching, working with students from KS3 up to A-Level. He is very keen to promote the use of dynamical graphical software in the classroom.