Exploring how graphing technology deepens students’ understanding of quadratic graphs and equations

Simon May

10:30-11:30, Thursday 30 June

Session description

Graphing technology can bring many maths topics alive. Delegates will have the opportunity to explore representation of quadratic functions using a graphing calculator. We will explore different learning approaches for sketching, identifying key characteristics, solving and transformation. This will extend to use of the discriminant to solve problems.

The session will appeal to teachers whose students mainly use a scientific calculator and would like to consider using graphing technology to represent quadratics, and also to those teachers who aren’t confident with A level maths. Handsets will be available for use during the session and no prior experience or other equipment is required.

Interests: A level Mathematics / Further MathematicsUse of technology in teaching maths

About Simon May

Former Head of Department of A level Maths, Simon is currently dedicated to the improved use of graphing calculators in student’s learning. He works full-time training teachers in the benefits of using calculators for deeper understanding and more efficient teaching, and also develops various resources to support their use in the classroom.