Why standard deviation isn't standard

Vicky Wheelhouse, Sarah Denison and Jo Sibley

16:30-17:30, Thursday 30 June

Session description

Exploring the different ways standard deviation is approached across Maths specifications and beyond. Through her work with professional associations such as the ASE, ATP and RGS, Sarah has gathered numerous examples of where our maths students are meeting standard deviation outside their mathematics classroom. We will use these to explore common issues such as the 'Why do you divide by n when this person divides by n-1?'

This session is suitable for teachers of Core Maths, A level Maths, Statistics and/or Further Maths and anyone with an interest in cross-curricular links.

Please bring a scientific calculator with you; a laptop would also be useful.

Interests: Core MathsA level Mathematics / Further Mathematics

About the speakers

Vicky has worked as a secondary maths teacher for 13 years. She has led at KS3, KS4 and KS5. Vicky trained as a Secondary Mastery Specialist with the NCETM before joining MEI in 2020. Her work now encompasses the Deeper Maths project and On Demand Professional Development courses.

Sarah worked as a teacher and KS5 lead for 17 years before joining MEI in 2020 as a Maths Education Support Specialist. Her role includes project managing Deeper Maths, coordinating the AMSP work with other subjects and delivering training on using Desmos.

Jo lives on the sunny south coast and taught Mathematics and Further Mathematics in a school there for 21 years, including three years as a SENCo. She has been a Further Maths Network Centre Manager and then an FMSP Area Coordinator before joining MEI in 2014. She has a specialism in delivering mathematics online, is an avid comic book reader and reviewer and will drop everything if offered an interesting maths problem. Her family are very patient.