Addressing common challenges for mathematics teachers through a Whole College Approach

Diane Dalby

10:15-11:15, Friday 1 July

Session description

Diane will discuss what a Whole College Approach (WCA) to mathematics looks like, including the benefits for students and teachers, before explaining how you might develop this approach in your own organisation. She will draw on evidence from the Mathematics in FE Colleges project and her current work on WCA to show how this approach can be used to support mathematics teachers in FE colleges or other large organisations, and help address some of the common challenges, especially with GCSE retake programmes.

The session will be of interest to anyone teaching maths in a Further Education college or managing maths provision in a large organisation.

Interests: Further Education

About Diane Dalby

Diane is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Education at the University of Nottingham. Having worked in Further Education colleges for over 20 years before moving to the university, she retains a keen interest in mathematics within Further Education. She has been involved in several national and international mathematics education projects, including Mathematics in FE Colleges (MiFEC) and the Centres for Excellence in Maths programme.