Ingenious uses of A level Maths

Richard Lissaman and Bernard Murphy

10:15-11:15, Friday 1 July

Session description

The great mathematicians often used the same mathematical ideas that others did but saw links and applications that set them apart. We’ll look at three or four such moments when standard A level ideas were used creatively in ways that leave us in awe.

This sessions is suitable for all teachers of A level Maths.

Interests: A level Mathematics / Further MathematicsEnrichment

About the speakers

Richard Lissaman is a Senior Teaching Fellow working in the Mathematics Institute at the University of Warwick. Prior to that he worked for MEI on the Further Mathematics Support Programme (in its various guises) and led the development of Integral, MEI's online teaching and learning platform. Richard has a particular interest in mathematics enrichment, supporting students to develop problem-solving skills and making maths feel more accessible to everyone generally. Richard has authored A level textbooks and has been an examiner.

Bernard joined MEI in 2003, after 11 years in the classroom, to set up the TAM programme and went on to lead the expanding teacher support team. Since September 2019, he has combined a part-time role in MEI, mainly involved in professional development, with two days per week teaching A level Mathematics in a comprehensive school. He has been a textbook author and principal examiner.