Cartesian Oval

Keith Proffitt

13:45-14:45, Thursday 30 June

Session description

The Cartesian Oval - not a new sponsor for the ground where England's men's cricket team will next be humiliated but a type of curve Keith stumbled across one day, whilst looking at ways of describing ellipses - using cartesian coordinates, polar coordinates, parametric equations and as loci on an Argand diagram - and changing some parameters to see what happened. It turns out that this type of curve gets used in the eye-clinic at his local hospital.

This session is suitable for anyone who wants to explore some maths. Some A level techniques will be used, and knowing a bit about loci on an Argand diagram would be useful. We'll use Geogebra to do some exploring - please bring a laptop.

Interests: EnrichmentUse of technology in teaching maths

About Keith Proffitt

Keith worked as a maths teacher for 25 years and then for an exam board for 5 years. He has worked for MEI since 2014, involved in curriculum development, resource writing and PD. As part of his job he supports teachers of the OCR B(MEI) A levels.