Data Science for A level/Core Maths students

Tom Button and Natalie Vernon

13:45-14:45, Thursday 30 June

Session description

Data has been described as ‘the new oil’, and Data Science is an exciting and rapidly growing area of work that has already made its way into a significant number of university courses across the country. MEI has developed two data science courses for A level/Core Maths students: a short self-study course and a longer taught course. We will explore activities from these courses and discuss how you can use them with your students.

This session is suitable for all teachers of A level or Core Maths. Delegates will need to bring an internet-connected laptop or tablet.

Interests: A level Mathematics / Further MathematicsCore Maths

About the speakers

Tom is MEI's Maths Technology Specialist. He’s an expert in the use of technology for the teaching and learning of maths and has presented a large number of PD courses on this. He is leading on the development of MEI’s Data Science courses and previously led on the development on Further Pure with Technology (MEI A level Further Maths option).

Natalie is a national coordinator for A level PD for the AMSP and part of the teacher support team for MEI. Prior to this, she was a Head of Maths and taught in secondary schools for 11 years. She is particularly interested in how technology and cognitive science can support effective mathematical learning.