Planning the route to University Admissions Tests

Phil Chaffé

13:45-14:45, Friday 1 July

Session description

University admissions tests can be used as part of a selection process such as the MAT for the University of Oxford and Imperial College London, and STEP for the University of Cambridge. Other admissions tests such as the TMUA can open doors for students at a range of universities. It seems that more universities are referring to admissions tests in their offers than ever before but how to you get your students from A, completing GCSE to B, success in a UAT? In this session, Phil will be providing you with guidance about how to best prepare your students so they are able to apply for a university that either requires an admissions test or lowers their A level grade requirements for students who do well in an admissions test.

This session is suitable for A level maths teachers who may have students in the future requiring help in preparing for admissions tests.

Interests: A level Mathematics / Further MathematicsEnrichment

About Phil Chaffé

Phil worked in a number of schools and universities before his current role as MEI's University Lead and National Coordinators of the AMSP. Phil coordinates a number of projects across England that prepare students for study at top universities, including the Problem Solving Matters course. Many of these focus on developing students’ problem solving skills so they are able to apply for university degrees that require additional admissions examinations.