MESME Maths Circles: enrichment for KS3 high-attainers

Robert Wilne

15:00-16:00, Friday 1 July

Session description

MESME ( is developing a coherent enrichment curriculum for high-attainers, inspired by the long-established Russian Maths Circles and their successful evolution in many European countries and also Boston, Massachusetts. The curriculum runs from Y7 to Y11, and the resources are carefully sequenced in ‘blocks’ of ten ‘sessions’: most of the schools currently piloting the materials are running ten Circles per term, each Circle lasting 1 hour. MESME is a not-for-profit and the Maths Circles programme is free for your school to implement, as long as at least a third of your students participating are eligible for Pupil Premium. All the teaching and CPD materials are provided. Come and experience a ‘taster’ of a Circle, both as a student and a teacher: you will enjoy the activities, understand the principles and the pedagogy, and find out more about leading Circles for your own students next year.

This session is suitable for all secondary teachers, especially those interested in supporting and developing high-attainers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Interests: KS3 and KS4Enrichment

About Robert Wilne

Robert is the Lead Teacher of Outreach, King's Maths School.