Primary school Magic for Sixth Formers

Rob Eastaway

13:45-14:45, Friday 1 July

Session description

A few years ago, thanks to a teacher conference diary mix up (my fault!), I delivered the workshop I'd prepared for primary teachers to an audience of secondary teachers. In the afternoon I did the reverse. Nobody noticed. It made me realise that perhaps the 'Mathematical Magic' that I've been doing for primary children for years is just as relevant to secondary students, even sixth formers, and that some maths works whether you're seven or seventeen. Come along and see if you agree.

This is suitable for anyone curious about the way that maths can connect across all ages and abilities.

Interests: Enrichment

About Rob Eastaway

Rob is the Director of Maths Inspiration, and the author/co-author of numerous books including 'Maths on the back of an envelope' and 'Why Do Buses Come In Threes?'. He regularly gives talks and workshops for primary and secondary students, and their teachers.