As easy as 1, 2, 3: A short history of counting

Claire Baldwin and Simon Clay

16:30-17:30, Thursday 30 June

Session description

Mathematics is a subject which has a rich global heritage as a result of its development in diverse cultures across the world. This session will consider the development of some counting and number systems and give suggestions on how our classrooms could increasingly reflect the great cultural richness of mathematics. A similar 2021 Conference session called ‘Why is Pythagoras the only one?’ explored how the current English school curriculum tends to emphasise the white European heritage of maths. Here we pick up that theme and illustrate how small changes can promote a deeper appreciation of maths as an ethnically diverse subject.

This session is suitable for all secondary maths teachers

Interests: KS3 and KS4A level Mathematics / Further Mathematics

About the speakers

Claire gained a first class BSc in Mathematics, Statistics & Operational Research in 1997 and completed a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics (11-18) in 1998. Her subsequent work has included roles in schools, colleges and an HE Institution, including a number of subject leadership roles, faculty management and Assistant Principal (Curriculum). Claire was a PGCE Secondary Mathematics Course Leader for four years and has an MA in Mathematics Education. She is also an experienced examiner and has worked in a range of consultancy roles for Ofqual for around ten years. Claire joined MEI in April 2014 and is MEI's Director for Student Engagement and oversees all aspects of delivery relating to student facing activities.

Simon has worked for MEI as part of the Teacher Support team since 2012. He coordinates the Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM) and Pedagogy for A level Mathematics (PALM) courses, working mainly with teachers who are new to teaching A level Mathematics. Prior to working for MEI he taught for twelve years in a secondary school and a Sixth Form College in the Midlands.