Lessons for teaching from cognitive science

Natalie Vernon and Jo Sibley

15:00-16:00, Thursday 30 June

Session description

Ever had a brilliant, positive lesson that seems to result in none of your students actually remembering any of the maths you covered? Us too! This is where cognitive science can step in to help us better understand how we learn, store and recall information. Join us to find out about some key concepts and to discuss how we can use this knowledge from cognitive science to support the delivery of effective, brilliant maths lessons … that people can remember.

This session is suitable for all maths teachers

Interests: KS3 and KS4A level Mathematics / Further Mathematics

About the speakers

Natalie is a national coordinator for A level PD for the AMSP and part of the teacher support team for MEI. Prior to this, she was a Head of Maths and taught in secondary schools for 11 years. She is particularly interested in how technology and cognitive science can support effective mathematical learning.

Jo lives on the sunny south coast and taught Mathematics and Further Mathematics in a school there for 21 years, including three years as a SENCo. She has been a Further Maths Network Centre Manager and then an FMSP Area Coordinator before joining MEI in 2014. She has a specialism in delivering mathematics online, is an avid comic book reader and reviewer and will drop everything if offered an interesting maths problem. Her family are very patient.