Using CODAP to visualise data using the MEI A level large datasets.

Paul Chillingworth and Cath Moore

13:45-14:45, Friday 1 July

Session description

CODAP (Common Online Data Analysis Platform) is a free web-based tool for data analysis. It is fairly intuitive and user-friendly. We will use it to produce quick visualisations of data from the MEI large data sets for A level Maths and discuss how it might be used by students.

Whilst A level teachers will be interested in how CODAP might be used to gain familiarity with the A level large datasets, CODAP has applications beyond this and anyone with an interest in data analysis tools might be interested in this session. CODAP has been used in an MEI data science project at KS3. Delegates will need a laptop or tablet to access a browser.

Interests: Use of technology in teaching mathsA level Mathematics / Further Mathematics

About the speakers

Paul is MEI’s Deputy Director for Student Engagement and helps to oversee the design, development and delivery of student support activities, including those provided through the AMSP. He leads the AMSP’s Further Mathematics tuition programme and contributes to the delivery of post-16 statistics professional development. As well as being a classroom teacher in the UK and overseas for over 25 years, Paul was deputy head of an international school for 8 years. He has been an examiner for Further Mathematics and taught the core and optional elements of all four current specifications. He has presented at national and international conferences

Cath has worked at MEI for 8 years and previously worked for 20 years in various roles in education including Head of Department, AST and LEA Consultant. She leads on 11-16 enrichment and GCSE Professional Development for the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme. She is passionate about engaging students and encouraging them to continue mathematics.