Short, easy practicals for mechanics lessons

Sharon Tripconey and Simon Clay

09:00-10:00, Friday 1 July

Session description

Mechanics is all about modelling the physical world. Using short, easy practicals or thought-experiments in a mechanics lesson can really help students link theory with experiences of interacting with the physical world. This session looks at a mixture of simple practical demonstrations and interactive experiments which can enhance students’ understanding of mechanics by allowing them to get a ‘feel’ for mechanical situations.

This session is suitable for teachers new to teaching mechanics and those wanting to introduce practical activities into their mechanics teaching

Interests: A level Mathematics / Further Mathematics

About the speakers

Sharon has worked for MEI for more than 10 years and in 2019, she was appointed as MEI’s Director for Teacher Support. Sharon has a particular interest in the teaching and learning of Mechanics at A level and she enjoys supporting teachers’ professional development in Mechanics.

Simon has worked for MEI as part of the Teacher Support team since 2012. He coordinates the Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM) and Pedagogy for A level Mathematics (PALM) courses, working mainly with teachers who are new to teaching A level Mathematics.