Recognising and supporting cognitive and emotional barriers to maths learning in FE

Peter Jarrett

13:45-14:45, Friday 1 July

Session description

There are many barriers to learning maths that we see in FE. From recognising the impact of maths anxiety on low attaining learners, to understanding how dyslexia and autism might create difficulties in the classroom for high achieving learners, we need to build a better understanding of an individual's capabilities and challenges in maths learning. We will explore domain specific difficulties such as dyscalculia, and domain general difficulties such as inefficient working memory from the perspectives of holistic initial assessment, personalisation of learning, and managing the emotional relationship with mathematics and numeracy.

Whilst the focus is on FE learners, this session will also appeal to teachers in secondary settings who work with lower attaining learners.

Interests: GCSE resitFurther Education

About Peter Jarrett

Pete is a specialist teacher and assessor of learners with specific learning difficulties and an experienced maths teacher. Pete uses these two strands of educational practice to work with learners who struggle to engage with mathematics and to support teachers to be more effective in their practice.

Pete is Chair of the British Dyslexia Association Dyscalculia Sub-Committee, a member of the advisory board for The Dyscalculia Network, and on the editorial board of Equals Online, the Mathematics Association Journal of Maths and SEND.