Using the ratio table and context to help learners make sense of proportion

Sue Hough

10:30-11:30, Thursday 30 June

Session description

The ratio table is a very powerful model for helping learners join up the curriculum. We shall work with the ratio table, seeing how it merges from situations such as recipes and tape measures to how it can be applied to topics like compound measures, percentages and beyond. We learn the benefits of filling in the ratio table working across (rather than down) the page, recording various interim pairs of values, keeping hold of the context to help learners who struggle to reason proportionally make choices and see connections in their own novel ways.

This session is suitable for teachers of GCSE, GCSE resit, Functional Skills, Core Maths, Key Stages 2 & 3. The ratio table has universal appeal to all learners of school mathematics.

Interests: KS3 and KS4Core Maths

About Sue Hough

Sue Hough has worked in classroom materials design and teacher development for many years. She is passionate about helping learners make sense of ideas as they develop as mathematicians and about helping teachers to create a classroom culture where student approaches are shared, listened to and built upon. See