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The conference for all 11-19 mathematics teachers

29 June - 1 July 2017

Keele University

Statistics: Teaching statistics with the MEI large data set

Paul Chillingworth

09:00 - 10:00 Saturday 1st July

A level Mathematics / Further Mathematics and A level Mathematics / Further Mathematics OCR(MEI)

The 2017 A level requires students to be familiar with a large data set and to use technology such as spreadsheets and graphing software to explore it. Teaching statistical concepts using the data set will enable students to become familiar with the main features of the data and its context.

This session explores the types of activity that could used to teach statistics using the MEI Data Set(s). It is suitable for anyone currently teaching statistics or anyone who anticipates teaching the 2017 A level or AS level. Some familiarity with summary statistics, statistical graphs, methods of sampling and correlation is useful but not essential. The session will provide practical activities for delegates to undertake with the large data set. Whilst using the MEI data set, the activities themselves are applicable to any data set and so are relevant to all specifications.

Delegates are recommended to bring a laptop or device that has a spreadsheet (such as Excel or Gnumeric) and GeoGebra installed.

Assumed knowledge

A basic knowledge of the underlying mathematical content is expected.

About the speaker(s)

Paul is a Central Coordinator for the FMSP. He coordinates Live Online Tuition and Live Interactive Lectures programmes as well as the STMC. He leads the Teaching Statistics Course and is part of the HE team. He taught in the UK and overseas for 26 years before joining MEI.